How to Tame little body, BIG FUNK

What in the world is little body, big funk? (Yes, I could hear your thoughts.) Well, let’s see. . . . Do you know or have a young child with super strong underarm odor? I mean the type of smell so strong it smells like they must have been reincarnated because their underarms smell likeContinue reading “How to Tame little body, BIG FUNK”

Single MOM Superheroes

P.S. You don’t have to be a single mom to be a super hero, REAL moms (dads too) are heroes REGARDLESS of whether it is biologically or otherwise. Hello fellow superheroes! This blog is a dedication to ALL moms and will contain some useful information, stories, resources, and tools. I highlight single moms for variousContinue reading “Single MOM Superheroes”