The MUST have laundry item I never knew I needed

Whether you are the person creating the dirty laundry or washing it, you should know that it multiplies rather quickly. *sigh* That reminds me I have a few loads to do myself. Anyhow, I came across an item that caught my attention, but I was extremely skeptical about the need for it. Who in the world would need a brush for stains and why? (Yes, I realize the most obvious answer as to why would be stains.) In my mind, I thought if I really needed this, why not just get a toothbrush? Let’s think about it, they can be purchased rather cheaply, and they’re extremely versatile. They’re used to clean tiny surfaces such as tile grout, smooth and lay down baby hairs and edges, and of course brushing teeth.

I ended up getting one, I honestly can’t remember what closed the deal for me, but I’m definitely glad I did! It was awesome at getting stains out of laundry AND it removed stains that were in my upholstered chairs. I previously tried with a toothbrush and it partially removed the stains, but this stain brush fully completed the mission. I was surprised how well it removed the stains, especially considering how soft the bristles are.

The brush is similar to David and the stains are like Goliath, because the brush is rather small but it stands up with the big boys and defeats them. If you are interested in purchasing the stain brush or learning more, you’ll find it at

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