How to Tame little body, BIG FUNK

What in the world is little body, big funk? (Yes, I could hear your thoughts.) Well, let’s see. . . . Do you know or have a young child with super strong underarm odor? I mean the type of smell so strong it smells like they must have been reincarnated because their underarms smell like they were from a previous life! That’s little body, big funk.

I have encountered it on multiple occasions. The first time caught me by surprise when a child I was babysitting overnight had it. I was completely floored that a little kid could smell like a bag of rotten onions under their arms at the age of 5. I’ve been around several children who weren’t even close to puberty and after puberty hit, LOOK OUT! In some instances, even the strongest deodorants were lucky if they were able to tame the vicious armpits for 18 hours, even when it was designed to last for more than 24.

Well, if you know someone who has this issue, don’t worry this post is to help you completely resolve it or at the VERY least TAME it. I have a recommendation for you that I have purchased and suggested for others and they have had a lot of success. The product that I am going to suggest helps with numerous things such as unwanted foot and body odor, body acne, flaky and itchy scalp, fungal issues, etc. It is also used by kids, teens, and adults. It is used by a lot of athletes and people who are very active to prevent Athletes Foot. I’ve also heard it is used to prevent lice.

Some may find this issue embarrassing and it can result in social isolation, anxiety, and sadly even bullying. Nowadays, people seem to get bullied for just about everything under the sun, but I digress.

Now first things first, if you have a prepubescent child with strong body odor, they need to be examined by a medical professional to rule out any possible conditions that may need to be treated or further examined. Some things to consider are whether there have been any changes lately that could have contributed to the odor, such as diet or even products used on the skin. If so, you may want to have this information and share it your medical provider during the visit. A handy tool may be to have a food diary to see what may be causing the issue if it is food related. If you are a person who is never without their phone, it is probably best to store the information in your phone somewhere, so you’ll have it handy when needed. Also noted any questions you may want to ask during the visit would be good, just to make sure your concerns or questions are addressed without leaving the appointment then remembering something after the fact. People do this all the time, trust me, I used to be the one a lot of people asked after the fact. The main problem was, I was not a person at the appointment, so I was definitely not the person who needed to be asked.

I do have an answer to this dilemma, and I recommend this body wash at because I am a definite witness of how well it works. As with anything new, I recommend a patch test prior to full use, especially in small children. You always want to make sure there is no allergic reaction or irritation or anything if you’re sensitive to any of the ingredients. Don’t be afraid, this is standard for anything new as a precaution. I know kids with sensitive skin who were fine and were able to use it without any issues.

If you decide to try it, please don’t hesitate to share your experience. It’s all about us helping each other!

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