What is a MOM?

A MOM is different than a mom, although a person can be both. A mom is shortened version of the word mother, but a MOM is a Master of Multi-tasking. This has never been more true if you have multiple children, especially if you have toddlers. May I say toddlers who have just learned to walk seem to move with lightning speed and tend to get into everything! Maybe it’s because they have recently discovered that they can and now want to explore the world around them. Of course this is only natural, but if you are trying to watch them, cook, take care of chores, answer the phone (hi mom, how are you, yes she is wearing the “I get it from my Granny” outfit you bought her, and I was just getting ready to send a few pictures of her in it to you), it can feel as though you have to quickly morph into a humanoid version of an octopus, and in some cases, you just might have to.

MOMs can be employed outside the home, but they can also be SAHMs (stay at home moms). Yes, staying at home is a job within itself. If you disagree, you probably haven’t done it at all or for any significant amount of time. One of the main differences though, is when you have a job outside of the home, you have a set schedule or at the very least are usually off sometimes. When you’re stay at home, you’re constantly at work and unless you have some help like babysitters, nannies, etcetera, you are on #TeamNoDaysOff.

Whether you work inside or outside of the home, a MOM has several tasks to juggle at any given moment. MOMs have to deal with meal planning, chores (laundry, house cleaning, dishes, etc), after-school activities, sports, homework, styling hair, and so much more. Whatever combinations you are dealing with, having multiple children increases the level of difficulty, especially when they are in different activities and/or schools. For those of you who are described in the latter, bless you, you are warriors who have invisible stripes. Wear your stripes with pride because I applaud you, sincerely!

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